ハワイに家を持つ! という夢を、お客様はもちろん従業員にも叶えさせてあげたい。

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(株)カイナハレ・ハワイ不動産 社長 三田英郎(Dojo RITAH塾生)
Kainahale Hawaii Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Hideo Mita (Dojo RITAH member) 

みたひでお◎東京出身。1968年学卒後サンパウロで銀行員、公務員をした後、1972年から31年間富士通株式会社に勤務。サンパウロ、ミラノ、マドリッド、ホノルルなどの海外赴任を経て、2003年に不動産業に転進。数多くの物件売買を経験した後、2012年2月からカイナハレ・ハワイのオーナー社長となる。社名はハワイ語のKAI(海)とAINA(土地)とHALE(家)を合わせた造語。URL: https://www.kainahale.com/
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Hideo Mita is from Tokyo. After graduating from university in 1968, he worked as a banker and civil servant in São Paulo before working at Fujitsu Limited for 31 years from 1972. After working for Fujitsu in São Paulo, Milano, Madrid, and Honolulu, he moved into the real estate industry in 2003. With the success of numerous property sales, he became the owner and president of Kainahale Hawaii in February 2012. The company name was coined by combining the Hawaiian words
KAI (sea), AINA (land), and HALE (house). 
URL: https://www.kainahale.com/









 この間、意見の合わないエージェントが辞め、かえって全社一丸となり黒字回復する機運も高まりました。Dojo RITAHのPDCA仲間の率直な助言も、私自身のマインドをポジティブに変え、目標管理意識も高まり、今年の売上は前年比で約20%増えています。



Having a home in Hawaii! — I want to make this dream come true not only for our customers but also for our employees.

Shifted from 40 years of overseas representative for a corporation to a real estate agent in Hawaii

My working life began in 1968 when I jumped aboard the immigrant ship Brazil Maru to leave Japan.

After working at a local bank and the Japanese Consulate-General in São Paulo, I joined Fujitsu in 1972. After being posted to Brazil, Italy, and Spain as a representative of the Overseas Business Division of the Information Department of Fujitsu, I served the company until my retirement as Deputy Director of the Company’s Business School JAIMS in Hawaii and Director of Fujitsu Honolulu.

My second life started as a realtor after I got the license. Belonging to a prominent real estate company, I sold well. At one time, my annual sales amounted to nearly 4 billion yen. After starting my own company “Kainahale Hawaii,” the momentum turned down.

We fell into a management crisis due to the cash flow deterioration and the managed properties shortage. I became a member of Seiwajyuku Hawaii by recommendation of someone. But my employees’ vectors are not aligned, and even if we succeeded in a big deal, the company’s overall performance didn’t look well.

◎ Both the corona disaster and a car accident have turned into positive factors to turn around! 

In the meantime, two trials have turned into major positive factors in my life. One is establishing an online remote marketing system for customers who cannot come here from Japan due to the corona disaster. 

The other is that I had an accident while driving my car and was hospitalized for a week. From my reflection on being hospitalized, I thoroughly improved my health management and clarified my awareness of taking the initiative to revitalize the company.

During this period, agents with whom we disagreed quit, and on the contrary, the momentum to recover profitability increased with the whole company united. 

The candid advice of my PDCA colleagues at Dojo RITAH has also positively changed my mindset, increased my awareness of goal management, and the sales have increased by about 20 % compared to the last year.

With this momentum, I will do my best to make not just our customers’ dream but also our staff’s dream of “having a home in Hawaii” come true!

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